Making the leap into mentoring can be a tough one, I get it. To help, here is a testimonial from a client.

“‘Enjoy it! They grow up fast!’ Are not usually the words a first time mother wants to hear when she is dealing with sleep deprivation, a colicky baby or any number of new mom problems. That’s one of the great things about coaching with Lisa. She listens and understands because she’s been through the tough stuff. She has really helped me to look at these tough moments in a way that makes them feel so much more manageable and help me to realize that struggling does not mean failing, a feeling that many new moms struggle with. I love my chats with Lisa!” – KT

“Lisa is amazing at what she does! She has helped me work through my depression, anxiety, and family related problems. She is so friendly and relatable, and has a personal experience for nearly everything so I don’t feel so alone. I have had several sessions with Lisa, and every time I have left feeling better than before!” – SH

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