Candy Cane Oreo Cheesecake Truffles

[RE-POST FROM MY PREVIOUS BLOG - RUNNING TO BAKE] So I recently saw this Meme on a friends facebook page: So I'm going to skip ANY preamble and get right to the good stuff: THE RECIPE! Candy Cane Oreo Cheesecake Truffles Ingredients: 1 regular sized pack of Candy Cane Oreos OR Regular Ones 20-30 mini… Continue reading Candy Cane Oreo Cheesecake Truffles


An Honest Gift Guide for Moms

In case you didn't know...Santa is coming, eggnog is flowing freely, peppermint everything is is everywhere. I CAN'T STAND THE EXCITEMENT! If you're reading this, there is a good chance you aren't sure what to get the lovely Mom in your life. Here's the thing, being a mom is a lot of work. It's fulfilling… Continue reading An Honest Gift Guide for Moms