About Me

My name is Lisa. I live in Ontario with my hubs, baby boy and another on the way (because we’re fucking crazy). I swear a lot (despite my best efforts to not), love eating crappy food, hanging out on the couch with my main squeeze, dancing to crappy music, blowing zerbits on my little boy’s belly, singing, road trips and reading all the books. I’m also an anxious mess 93.6% of the time.

Spit Up and Sippy Cups started on Instagram where I was sharing daily “mom truth” vids and what real life looks like behind the pretty pictures I post on the social medias. I got so much awesome feedback, I wanted to take a stab at talking about it in blog form.

I find it incredibly difficult to be both a responsible adult AND a parent. Life is fucking hard and the more we talk about our trials and tribulations the easier and more fun it will be. Hopefully.

–Blog Header Image by Photography by Kat