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98f79876688ad7172b8579262036334e--funny-christmas-movies-eve-eveGUYS, I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS. I love the crisp air, I love the snow falling, I love the music, I love the food, the movies. All of it.

I also just love giving gifts, especially ones that are unique AND useful AND awesome. Most specifically, I love when I can find such a gift online and have it delivered to my front door. What can I say? The days of spending endless hours shopping while drinking a peppermint mocha are over for me (for now).

Awhile ago, I  stumbled across Not only did I love their amazing product selection, I love what their company stands for. They believe in offering products that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

In addition to this, they work hard to offer unique and creative products by working with their vendors (artists to small manufacturers) to make products that are made in a environmentally and socially responsible. You know that when you buy product from them not only is it unique and high quality, but you can also feel good about where it comes from.

Even better, they now ship to Canada, so I knew this was a perfect fit.

There are SOOOOO many amazing products to choose from but here are some of my top picks for Holiday 2017.

Amazing Christmas Gifts

Cinema Light Box

Colour Changing Cinema Lightbox ($64 CAD)

Why I love it: I mean, these things are ALL the rage right now – I’ve seen them all over Instagram and Pinterest. I just love that there are SO many uses (the head table at a wedding, leaving fun messages for your kids) and I love that this one changes colour – something for every mood.

Scratch Map

Scratch Map Deluxe ($41 – $61 CAD)

Why I love it: More and more, people are opting to spend their money to explore our world and travel to different places instead of buying a big house. This map is not only an awesome way to track where you have been, but also doubles as a beautiful piece of art in your home.

Sand Art

Deep Sea Sand Art ($109 CAD)

Why I love it: Do you remember when these were ALL the rage in the 90s? My mom had a few of them and I was absolutely OBSESSED. There is just something so calming and soothing about watching the sand trickle down. Perfect for the home or the office – places where I’m sure we could all use a bit of calming & soothing.

Check out these and other unique Christmas gift ideas from UncommonGoods. 

Personalized Gifts

Big Brother Book

Personalized “What Big Brother Does Best” Book ($44 CAD)

Why I love it: I mean, besides the obvious fact O is going to be a big brother VERY soon  (eeep!) I love that you can customize this book for the big brother to be (big sister option available too). I feel it is SO important to do what you can to help the big sister/brother feel special during the crazy time you introduce a new member into the family. Plus, it’s just such a cute story and has beautiful illustrations.

Family Picture

Personalized Family Print ($96 – $160 CAD)

Why I love it: I’m a total sucker for stuff like this. I love that it’s custom made to look like your family but also that it doubles as an art piece. An added bonus with this one – it comes with the frame!

Morse Code Necklace

Custom Morse Code Necklace ($83 CAD)

Why I love it: I just think this is so beautiful. Specific to whomever you’re giving it too but looks like such a class piece of jewellery. You can also personalize the message, doesn’t have to be a name, can be something simple like “I love you” or the date of your anniversary or birth of a child. Made of sterling silver heishi beads, czech gold toned seed beads, recycled gold filled cable chain. 

There are so many other personalized items you can purchase. Check out the entire collection here.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas


Library Card Socks ($12 CAD)

Why I love it: I mean, c’mon. For the book lover in your life, these are the perfect addition to a stocking that already contains a book, tea and some chocolate. P.S. remember library cards that had to be stamped with the due date before you could leave? All the nostalgia.

Slang Cards

Slang Flashcards ($12 CAD)

Why I love it: For the friend/sibling/parent that is worried about their cool factor, nothing says “I’ve still got it” like studying how to be hip with flashcards. Help them before they’re too far gone (like I am – is “Gnarly” still considered cool?)


Kept Going & Did It Anyway Pins ($25 CAD)

Why I love it: I just think anyone who endures being an adult on a day to day basis deserves these pins. Adulting is hard, you guys. I think we should all be recognized for just surviving.

These gems and even more stocking stuffer ideas can be found here.

What items from UncommonGoods do you love? Head to their site to see all the amazing products they have to offer!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but I genuinely love all the products I feature here and all opinions are my own.

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